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Reservoir Consultancy

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Reservoir Characterization Consultancy

Jason Consultancy TeamDiscover how your seismic data can tell you as much about your reservoir as your well data does.

Take advantage of the full range of Jason services, from reservoir characterization studies on up to full integrated Seismic to Simulation studies.

The Jason methodology is adaptive, delivering the best results for your specific geologic challenge and the data you have available. We draw from numerous techniques to tailor a workflow solution that unlocks the geologic information from your seismic data. This better view of your reservoir can enable you to:

Jason is the low risk option for reservoir characterization

Discover the expertise of our staff and the power of the Jason™ software suite.

" Based on the confidence we have in the Jason work, we have used your products to specifically target and find the most prolific sand packages in the prospective area."—Chevron Canada Resources

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