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Free 30-day trial - Rapid answers from affordable reservoir modeling software - EarthModel Builder

Jason brings together petrophysics, modeling and reservoir seismic inversion to solve the most compelling exploration & production challenges.

  • Shale gas and shale oil
  • Thin reservoirs
  • Complex AVO reservoirs
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Complete Geoscience Knowledge

Our consulting services offer comprehensive geoscience knowledge and provide our clients with valuable insight into all aspects of natural resource exploration and development, from basin prospectivity to reservoir modeling and economic analysis.

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Rock Properties for Success in Shales

Barnett ShalesThis paper provides a rock properties-based workflow for shale plays and discusses the influence of local variation on the specific analysis performed.

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Seismic Inversion in Barnett Shale: Pinpointing sweet spots for drilling

Barnett ShalesIncluding seismic inversion information in the drilling campaign knowledge mix promises to be a gamechanger because it can pinpoint sweet spots in the unconventional play even with sparse well control.

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Stochastic Modeling in Shales: Spraberry-Wolfcamp Example

Spraberry-Wolfcamp ShalesTwo independently defined stochastic models generated from conventional logs and core analysis did an excellent job of estimating the mineral volumes and predicting TOC volume.

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An Upper Morrow Sands case study: Video Presentation

Barnett ShalesPresented by Jeff Zawila of EOG Resources at SEG 2010, this is a case study for detecting thin Upper Morrow Sands in the Mid-Continent from Geostatistical Simultaneous AVO Inversion.

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Timano-Pechora Case Study: Seismic inversion choices and benefits

Timano-PechoraThis compelling case study from the Timano-Pechora province shows the value of geostatistical partial stack inversion within a reservoir properties prediction methodology. General principles of deterministic and geostatistical inversions of seismic data are also covered.

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